The library fund of Pushkin Leningrad State University is diverse in content, purpose and readership, and has about a million of copies. It consists of different parts:

  • a fund of educational literature, which includes textbooks, teaching aids for all disciplines studied at the university;
  • a scientific fund, represented by monographs, collections of scientific papers, publications of conference materials, seminars, abstracts of dissertations, dissertations;
  • a fund of periodicals, including popular, socio-political, mass periodicals (more than 250 titles);
  • a reference and bibliographic fund contains encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries of universal content and industry, bibliographic publications;
  • a collection of fiction reflects Russian, Soviet and foreign literature.

Almost a million of books is waiting for your attention in the library of our university: textbooks and teaching aids, scientific and periodicals that are so necessary for a student's in-depth independent work.


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