Brief Description of the University

Pushkin Leningrad State University is situated in a perfect location on the outskirts of a quiet town (Pushkin) in 10 minutes from beautiful parks and the historical part of the town.

At the same time transport connection is really convenient: buses go by the University bus stop every 5 minutes and students can get to Saint-Petersburg subway in 20 minutes and explore the Venice of the North.

In Pushkin there are all kinds of places which students may need: shops, hospitals, cafés, multi-functional centers, parks and many other.

At University there also are all places for good studying and living: campuses, canteens, vending machines, a first-aid post, a gym, a swimming pool, places for leisure.

PLSU provides different kinds of sections where students can participate in their free time: theatrical studio, TV&radio studio, “The Smart and Cheerful Club”, dancing studio and sports sections (box, track and field athletics, judo, boxing, basketball, gymnastics, fencing, swimming, skiing, ski-jumping, mini football etc.) and other. What is more, different competitions are held quite often (singing, acting contests) and such contests as “Mr PLSU” and “Ms PLSU”.

If you have any questions, contact International Office.